CS371p Spring 2021: Claire Zheng


I’m Claire Zheng, a senior in my final semester studying Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of academics, I was involved in Coders Across Disciplines (CAD), an organization dedicated to providing CS-related resources and education to non-computer-science majors; I worked as an instructor for their Introduction to Python/Programming classes for a couple of semesters. I also was enrolled in a course for piano lessons for non-music majors for a large majority of my time here.

Books I’ve read (and recommend)

I had a lot more time than I was used to over quarantine and winter break, and spent a lot of it reading books. Here are two that I’ve chosen to write about this week:

  1. 21 Years Young — Amy Dong: A series of essays that a friend of mine wrote after suffering from an eating disorder that hospitalized her. She scrutinizes moments in her past that have shaped her to the person she is today, from her eating disorder, to her father’s expectations of her, to the boys she’s liked, to her grandparents’ love for mahjong. It is incredibly raw, at times gut-wrenching, and at times full of love. As she says herself: “Two decades of living is not nothing. It is everything we know.

CS371: Object-Oriented Programming

I joined this class in hopes of improving my C++ ability as well as my understanding of design, architecture, and standard of object-oriented programming. I have accepted a position where C++ is the primary language of choice due to its low-latency capabilities that allow for incredibly fast performance and the ability for fine-grained tuning of close-to-the-metal attributes. With a deeper understanding of the complexities and intricacies surrounding the language and paradigms of the style of programming that we’ll explore, I hope to be well-equipped by the time I graduate and begin working full time. That said, I’ve enjoyed the lectures I’ve already attended and hope that I’ll learn much more with the coming semester.